Since MG and Bria have been doing so well with Romance Yardsale [where they sell this really cool notebook for eavesdropping I mean research], they decided to build an actual online store, where all their writerly swag can mingle and play together in one easy-to-navigate locale. Problem is, they don’t know what to name it.


They want YOU to suggest a name and spread the word! They’ll have a random drawing and the winner gets a mug or notebook with the design of their choice. How awesome is that?

Here’s how you get points:

- 1 point for commenting on either of their blogs--BRIA or MG--with an ingenious name suggestion for their new store:

- 1 point for contest Tweet or RT (please mention @briaquinlan or @mgbuehrlen in your tweet or RT or else they may not see it!)

- 1 point for linking to their new store ( on your blog

- 1 point for blogging about your favorite Romance Yardsale item with a link to our new store (add 1 bonus point if you include a photo of the item!)

- 5 bonus points if we pick your name! <-- okay, so I'm a little confused by this rule... if I get picked as the winner, I get 5 more points to win? But I'm sure whatever the plan, it's clear in their own minds. *wink*

The store is fun! You should stop in, even just to browse. :)
Now I'm off to go claim a few points...
and wrack my brain for a good name [not one of my strong points!]
Have a great Hump Day.
With Love,