Just Another Manic Monday

I did a review on Nora Robert's Blood Brothers [cover in sidebar].

I'm a HUGE Nora fan. I've read every book she's written under that name except The Circle Trilogy. When those came out, I wasn't really reading paranormal much and I was kind of tired of the witch theme. I may go back and read them...

I've been doing a lot of paranormal reading in the last month or so.

Anyway, my point is...

Nora Roberts' style has changed. Her writing is different.

Her creation of the story is still above par, if you ask me. There is no contest there.

But if you've been reading NR like I have, you would note the differences. Her dialogue is short and choppy. In my opinion, too short and choppy. I've also noted the obvious stages of plotting in her books. Does this mean I don't like her books? NO! I mean, come on! The hero's journey is a strong plotting device that LOTS of authors use. HEll, I've used it more than a few times. You can catch one of my comparisons HERE.

I read Blood Brothers in a day. Does that sound like someone who didn't like the story? No. That sounds like someone who appreciates a good story in spite of imperfections. Hmm. A lot like being married I think. :)

You can read my review HERE.