Is there stress here?

I have a tendency to NOT recognize stress. I'm a laidback person--I am! I don't care about germs. I don't care about messes. My parenting skills are often guilty of inconsistency...

So, when I'm getting ready to move. I have a book coming out in two[ish] weeks. My kids are about to get out of school for good. And I'm planning a trip to FL... I don't always recognize that this could all be a bit stressful until a friend says, Maybe it's stress?

And of course, that makes me laugh. Duh, I think to myself. No wonder your sugars are off and you can't seem to gain the same kind of control you normally do!!! *eyeroll* No worries, people. I've been overdosing like crazy and wondering why... now I know why. So the issue of good blood glucose isn't critical. It's the why that was causing me trouble. Now that I know, I feel easier overdosing in order to gain that control.

Basal: 130%, Get used to it. Something tells me, we're in for the long haul until I settle down again in Colorado.