Happy Anniversary -- 17 years, for real

Seventeen year ago, I never imagined how great my life was going to end up. I was uncertain, jumping without looking, and--according to social standards--a dumbass.

But I didn't care because I was in love. Oiy.

See. I guess I was. But now, I really love this guy. I mean, in love is so....feely and sometimes a bit vague. It's important, don't get me wrong. I love the feels.

Looking back on all these years, though. I can't believe all the crazy shtuff we've been through. Ups and downs are a given, but getting through them and smiling at seventeen years makes me proud. 

I married a patient, funny, loving man. He'll always be the hero in my book.


Happy Anniversary!!

On this day, thirteen years ago, I looked like this:

<-- And this man married me. He calls himself--looking back at these pictures--a goofy bastard. I don't think so! Just someone who got me and knew me better than I knew myself before I could easily get away. :D When I see these pictures, I think of the torture I put him through that day and how he must have hated it. But he did it, and did so without grumbling or pulling on that collar.

Today, he's even more handsome, more understanding, more loving, more giving.... I can't believe how blessed I've been. He cares about me and about our family. Every decision he makes comes from God for us.

I think if we ever had the chance to do it again... we'd be perfect candidates to Elope. We'd just have to figure out how to do that in the church. hahaha.

Last song of the night before we rode off into the sunset.

What I wrote in August of 2007

How had I really come up with all these names to call myself...???
I'd been writing for 3 years and liked the idea of writing under a name. The romance. The mystery.
I actually still use my email address for Morgan St. John.

1. Montana Grey, still my favorite alternative even if I don't write westerns.
2. Rose Matthews, a combo of children's names...
3. Bailey Morgan, apparently too modern or fadish. Besides, I like drinking Bailey's so I can only imagin someone calling me a getting a 'yes please!' in reply!
4. Dakota Morgan, Does it say stripper to you?
5. Cait(y) Madison, my sister is Kate...I don't think my DH would appreciate people walking around calling me that. Love the spelling though! and love the Madison.
6. Harley Matthews, okay...it is a little tiny bit too fadish, but it's like the me I'd love to have the balls to be.
7. Tracy Pearl - NO! I shiver just typing it and wonder how it ever got on the list!
8. Magnolia, no last name...now there's an idea.
9. Fiona Baker, I do love to bake and have considered opening a pie shop but that name on one of my books? Just isn't going to happen.
10. Magdalynne, I think I have a story started with this name as a character. Seems like the only reason is would end up on a pen name list. Like the name...but for characters only!
11. RoseLee Morgan, another family name combo, a little too southern for me. Not that I won't someday live in the south. It's just as likely as me living in the midwest or the west...or the north for that matter.
12. Morgan Matthews, PHEW, a mouthful.
13. finally, the WINNER, Morgan St. John - I really love this name. Family Combo and classy to boot.

For What it's Worth, it's been five years since I started this blog. I've got an anniversary coming up in July!! I can add one more name to that list. Penny Dune. 
And then, I finally decided it was too much work. :P 
So here I am, just me, Bethanne Strasser... a romance writer [and wife and mother and cook and baker and chauffeur and tv enthusiast and diabetic].


Stick with me as I sift through old posts and plan a celebration for later this year.
:D :D :D