The downhill of Summer

For me and mine, we're on the downhill of Summer. My big kids start school the second week of August; the littles go the next week. I've had some fun, moving my furniture around. I moved my office to the den. We have this little room that is the bottom of the L where the den is the vertical part of the L. It's perfectly in the living space yet not...

With everyone else at school in the morning--even my sweet little preschooler--I'll be looking forward to some time in front of the computer each morning. 

This was the second summer in my whole adult, parent life that I looked forward to summer rather than dreaded it. I loved the lack of routine and schedule. Even so, I'm ready to get back into it.  I love writing stories. And the change of seasons is always a great instigator to boost my inspiration and drive my ambition.

On my way home from the Midwest, I even plotted a new romantic suspense... a thriller. I'm very excited about it and have added it to my list of things to do in 2016.

Our stop in Kansas [we had two, btw], was marked by a thunderstorm. The wind woke me up as it pulled at the siding of the hotel and worked its way through the window. Like a deranged horn, it blared in A flat. I know this because my son has perfect pitch and he can tell me! 

Well, it was that simple. As I thought of tornados, the Wizard of Oz, and movies like Twister, an idea came to mind. I spent my four hours on the road the next day, plotting a new story. [more on that another time]

Sorry i've been so absent here on the blog. My laptop died on the road. I took it as a sign to just drop everything and really vacation. <3 Hope your summer has been restful.

With Love,