Welcome to my blog this gorgeous Sunday! I'm new to this bloghop hosted by Mile High Muses. And I'm excited to have this awesome graphic sitting at the top of my post for today...

for two reasons:

1) People ask me why I include the sexy parts. And the answer to that is...despite all the debates, all the conflict surrounding love-making and who's doing it and why and where and what the--, sex is important to our story. It shapes us whether our goal is to wait until we're married or to get it on with as many people as we can in an effort to find the "right one" or to remain celibate our entire life. 

Love is human and real. 

2) Scintillating is as individual as the person describing it. I'm amused every time I get a review that says my stories are "sweet." When I decided to write mainstream romance--open-door--I worried it would be too risque! This is just proof that the heart of the story is more than the sex on the page. It's the romance and the characters. Their stories. 

I hope you find my work sparkling, shiny, and cleverly exciting. 

This is EIGHT paragraphs from my novella, Letters From Home, about Lena and Zack, my friends to lovers story about two soldiers. Funny thing is... it's much sweeter than sexy! But catch me next week, and maybe I'll add something hot for those who like the heat. <3

“You’ve missed it.” Zack spoke her feelings, and she nodded as emotion swelled within her. 

“I didn’t realize. I mean, sure, I knew I missed the States, my family, the American way…my coffee maker.” 

“I know what you mean.” 

She really looked at him, and saw an understanding in his eyes that no other person could get…unless he was a soldier. She saw something else, too. The clear blue traces of love that she wanted to ignore but couldn’t.  

“Zack,” she whispered and heard the pleading, breathlessness in her own voice. He’d 
held back since Quinn’s, giving her space and time over the last couple of days. But she wanted that moment back.

Lena leaned in, touched his jaw line with trembling fingers as desire rose within her. “I’m going to kiss you now,” she spoke, her lips a breadth away from his. 

“About damned time.” His no-nonsense response eased the nerves, making her smile in 
that moment before she made contact. But then the smile was gone, and she was enticing his 
mouth open with a swipe of her tongue, playfully nipping at lips that tasted of the coke he’d 
drank with their late dinner. She hummed her pleasure and felt his hands in her hair, caressing 
her neck, and then gripping her arms. 

All the while, he pulled her closer and closer until she wanted to simply sink into him, 
feel the hard planes of his body against her soft ones. Lena moaned then broke away as the Ferris wheel stopped. She yelped as the swing jerked forward then swung back. One hand gripped the rail to her left, the other gripped Zack’s leg. He laughed and covered her hand with his own. Then he lifted it, opened it. “Best idea you’ve had all night,” he said, placing a kiss against her palm. 

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