Writing Update

Still working on my Hawk Elite book 5 and doing revisions on the new Love Me Trilogy, book one, and submitting to agents, and finally, getting ready for ThrillerFest in July!! Whoot! So excited to get out there and meet new people, learn new writing stuff, and have some fun with people from this industry. I'll get to finally hug KJ Howe, who I've now known for years...but we've never been face-to-face!! :D The anticipation is so amazing.

Secondarily, I'm excited to be near family in NY. I've rented a spot through VRBO so I'll have a quaint little spot in the city, just blocks from the conference center/hotel. I've got a critique partner coming up from New Jersey and one that lives on Long Island!! So, we'll hook up...

I'm dizzy with excitement.

This weekend, I've submitted my newly revised and branded Trilogy to four agencies. Formerly my Vows Series, where book one was published by Boroughs Publishing Group, I've worked hard to revive my outlook for this series. It has been a favorite since I first wrote book three fourteen years ago. My fingers are crossed. My prayers are said. Hard work is always being done. 

Wish me luck!