Strong, the new Skinny


For years I've thought I wanted to be skinny. Lose weight. Run. Fit in my jeans. Look good. 

Have you ever been dropped somewhere you really have no desire to be? Maybe this is part of the military life, but I didn't want to be in Georgia. I don't really LIKE Georgia that much. I seem to have plenty to complain about here...hell, I was complaining before I arrived!!

I'm never going to LOVE Georgia, but when I look back on our first two years here, I can only be thankful that in Georgia I've met people who influence me to be better. I know for a fact that if we'd stayed in Colorado, I wouldn't have done there what I've done here. I wasn't ready. I wasn't in the right place yet--physically or mentally. And you know what? Neither was John.

John teaches the kickboxing class, and he moved to Georgia with his family this year. If I'd stayed where I wanted to be in Colorado, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to start the Free Kickboxing class in Georgia. Can you believe it? Kicking boxes is like my favorite thing to do, even though I sweat a ton and work like I've never worked in my whole life except...maybe on the swim team in high school [but there wasn't the same kind of sweating there...cuz of the water].

In Georgia, I realized that skinny was okay but strong was better. That doing a plank for 2 minutes meant more than losing 20 pounds. If I'd stayed in Colorado, I'd have been a half-ass, quitting runner for the rest of my life, always moaning about the next hill. 

Is this a life gives you lemons lesson? Ew! Cliche! 

But true. We don't always like where we are in life. But that doesn't mean good things won't happen. Don't worry about being skinny, Be strong!

With Love,