Settling Down

Things are settling down on the homefront. My soldier is knee deep in studies for this round of schooling so he's a hit or miss figure for the family. But when we hit, it's such a nice thing! :D 

Today, in my effort to get out of the house and write, I jumped into the chore of moving all the "garage sale" items from the kitchen table to the garage. I think I'd been hoping we'd have that garage sale a lot sooner. But, who knows when it will happen, and I really needed my kitchen table!! The clutter was making me crazy. And there was this...funny vibe. That cranky, unsettled vibe that goes around when people are out-of-sorts.

It's the kind of vibe that can lead to out-right bitchiness or assholery.

So, yeah...even though out-of-sight, out-of-mind might be the bigger hurdle to getting our garage sale done, I think removing the things that are keeping us from truly settling down is a better idea right now. :)

In writing news, I'm well on the way to getting this revision of Strike Zone completed. I have a deadline of August 22nd when my editor expects the manuscript on her desk. Ack! Back to work!

In reading news, I'm so fulled up with some great reads. I've got a book i'm going to review in September [watch for it!], and this morning Gone Too Deep was delivered to my Kindle! Wheee. So excited for Book Three of the Colorado Search and Rescue series. You must catch this one, with its Hero named George.