Cover Reveal -- Riptide by Kinsey Corwin


Welcome, Kinsey Corwin!!!

I'm so excited to reveal your latest cover, Riptide.  Not only does the story sound amazing, but the cover is sweeeet. <3  

I'll be doing a giveaway for anyone who comments or shares--twitter, facebook, or pinterest [cuz those are my spots!]. A copy of Riptide on RELEASE DAY! 


One moment can impact the future.

Only two things in the world brought Hunter Sullivan a sense of peace—surfing and his relationship with Phoenix Nash. All it took was losing his best friend in a tragic surfing accident at one of the world’s greatest surf spots, to send Hunter’s world crumbling down around him. Now, unable to get out on the waves without the memory of Maverick haunting him, he’s at risk of destroying his career and the one person he’s used to turning to when life sucks him under.

Phoenix Nash lived by a set of rules forged after watching her father claw his way out of the depths of depression when her mom left. Do not get involved with her father's clients. Protect your heart always. Dad and the company come first. Rules that slowly started eroding the moment she first fell into bed with up and coming surfer, Hunter Sullivan. When her dad asks for her help getting the face of his surfing division back on the waves, Phoenix is put in a position to choose between the only two men in her life she's ever cared about.