Not High School

Perhaps, as women, we sometimes forget that high school is over. I'm not usually one who gives in to drama, and I won't now. But when I get an email that seems to have its nose in the air, that wants to put me in my place--so to speak, I get annoyed. 

As authors, we can help each other, but we are still competition.

In a way, there's no forgetting that fact. There will always be a little tension. Yet, we must at least be given the benefit of the doubt! Kindness will always go further than a snidey or snarkey comment...even if it's warranted! We don't have to live with rose-colored glasses or be Pollyanna, but maybe we just sit back and do what's important.

Write. And for myself and most of my colleagues... write about LOVE. [I don't like when I have to remind myself of that] So...

ADVICE to you, writer:

1. put down the defenses and pick up a pen


Nevermind, there is no two. Just get back to work, eh? Because you're an amazing author with a vibrant personality. And you need to write the next book, darn it.