The Year I Wrote Nothing

Sometimes, authors think, if I'm not writing, I'm done for. Some authors have said, a writer writes.

Well, maybe...

You see, this year, I'm not writing. An oversight in a contract of mine led me to put a halt on writing any new material over the past year. I had a couple projects in the works, but felt it would be better to let the contract run out before I committed to finishing them or starting something new.

I'm okay with that.

Because I do believe there are other things I can do [any writer can do!]:

1. Quit procrastinating that Romantic Suspense self-publishing launch I've been leaving on the back burner for almost eight years. Yup. It's been simmering, edited, simmering again, and edited again. That's over now.

2. Grow roots. A writer can always go back to her [or his!] roots. Like blogging. I'll never be a great blogger, but I started in blogging. I've reviewed, hosted, and met new friends, blogging. And I love penning my thoughts into existence. If I'm not going to do it in a manuscript, I think I'll do it here.

3. Network. Social media. RWA. Volunteering. This isn't about accolades. It's about serving and being a well-rounded person. Writers must give back. To the writing community AND to the readers. Create a brand. Focus your goals. Get to the bottom line of WHAT a career looks like, not just writing the next book. Even if that's the most important thing, it can't be everything.

4. EDIT. Did I mention that already? I'm not alone in having half a dozen manuscripts on my computer...just waiting to be gauged. Right?

So, let's have a little fun this year. The work doesn't end at THE END.