Release Day FUN!

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Yesterday, my good friend, Cindy Skaggs, released her Christmas Novella, An Untouchable Christmas. If you haven't tried her Untouchables series, YOU MUST. Mob gangsters, FBI heroes and heroines...and suspense. White knuckle Suspense! My favorite.

And today marks another great day in publishing because I'm releasing book one of my Hawk Elite Security Series--Strike Back. Enemies from the past. Kidnapping. Edge of your seat uncertainty. 

Both of these books are amazingly priced as once-click wonders--only $1.99 and $0.99. So pick up your copies today.

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Sofia Capri survived life as a mob wife, but living with drop-dead gorgeous FBI agent Logan Stone has its own challenges. Step one? Host his family for Christmas dinner.

Rescuing Sofia from her former mob life and saving her kidnapped son was enough to earn Logan a place in her life, but a mysterious phone call before dinner threatens the security he'd give anything to provide.

When Sofia's son and Logan's nieces disappear from the festivities, the illusion of a normal Christmas shatters, hurling Sofia back into her nightmares.

Each book in the Untouchables series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 - Untouchable
Book #2 - An Untouchable Christmas, novella
Book #3 - Unforgettable

He would let her go if it would keep her safe…

Strong, self-reliant Nathan Hawkins—owner of Hawk Elite Security—can’t fathom a world in which he can’t protect the ones he loves. But the ticking time bomb of scar tissue in his head threatens to end his career and his marriage, even his life. But the scar tissue is nothing compared to the twisted enemy from Nathan’s past who returns, wanting Nathan to pay for his transgressions, pay with his wife.

As the bonds of her once rock-solid marriage disintegrate, Stacy Hawkins is ready to strangle her distant husband if that's what it takes to break down the barriers. Then she meets a man who makes her feel special again, one who makes her long for what she’s lost with Nathan.

…she would give anything to reach him.

A vacation to their favorite spot in Belize isn’t enough to draw Hawk away from the team, especially when it seems that each mission in the past six months is rife with misfortune. And when Stacy becomes the target of a deranged killer out to punish Nathan, they must confront their own personal demons before they can triumph over the evil intent on leaving them dead.