My Voice

The desire to be successful comes from being human. Even if our goal is to laze around and do nothing to get ahead, success is key. For me, when it's time to start a new project, I always look around and consider what to do next. 

I'll most likely plot a new story and then start working on it. As a business-minded person, I want to have an audience in mind, an editor, a publisher. And I want to make money. So then I consider my options--Brazen? or Bliss? My moneymaking urge tells me to write something heated. But tonight, I sat at my desk and I asked myself... 

What is your voice?

I received a review for Letters From Homeo recently. A lovely positive review that described the book as sweet with no explicit love scenes. Now, you can ask my grandmother...there is a love scene in that novella!! But it seems no matter what I do, my voice is sweet. My characters, even if they are explicitly loving each other, do not give off a steamy vibe. It's a relative and subjective topic, for sure. 

But for the hard-core romance readers out there, of whom my grandmother and mother are not, my stories are sweet. <3 What can I say? I can't fight it. I write sweet romance with love scenes between emotionally connected people. 

The truth is, it's easy to get caught up in how much money I make, how many sales I've got. What am I doing to make that happen? What am I NOT doing? But, I think for the next month or so, I am just going to ignore all of that. It's time to just write a book, one that speaks to me. One that celebrates my voice.

I just can't put one more minute of effort into worrying about the next sale! Not right now. Time for a break. Time to just write for the fun of writing, without worry about who's going to buy it.


Saying all that... don't forget to buy my books and review them, too! :D LMAO 

Have a great week, friends.

With Love,