Award of Excellence Finalist--Wheee!

I had a flat tire.

I'll never forget I had a flat tire... and I was just pulling into Discount Tire when I got the call. Talk about a frustrating day turned AWESOME! :D My fellow CRW author Made. My. Day! My whole weekend! Hell, even my year, when she called to tell me Unwanted Vows was a finalist in the Single Title Contemporary catagory. 

Don't get me wrong...the tire guys did NOT make me happy. They did not have the tires I wanted [the cheap ones] and they did not put them on where I think my husband wanted them, which I think is on the front. And apparently, new standards say to put them on the back. But of course, my husband does things his own way, so now I have two new tires on my back instead of my front, which means if I have a blow out, it'll rip the wheel from my hand and throw my minivan into a curb and then I'll not only need a new tire, I'll need an alignment as well. 

But heaven forbid my back tires skid out on a turn when it's raining.... [okay, yes. Sarcasm there. LOL] And let's not forget that I live in the mountains [or close enough] and as soon as the snow hits, I'll be useless on the hills with new tires on my BACK instead of my front. Oh, so irritated by those guys. :P

But, I'm on the winner list!! And I'm going to milk this wonderful feeling for as long as possible. :D Tires be damned!

Unwanted Vows is book 1 of my Vows Series, published by Boroughs Publishing Group this past August. I'm excited to get book 2 out there... Unnecessary Vows is a heartwrenching story about how opposites attract...and how sometimes we find love where we least expect it. [I love those stories!]

Here's a recent review for Unwanted Vows that also made my day when it was posted by Books and Spoons Blog: <--amazing blog, you must check it out.


Samantha has survived so much: her mother's death, her father's alcoholism, abusive husband, divorce from a loveless marriage... Yes, she has lots to be sad, bitter, and cautious about. She called herself ornery, and that fits well in every sense of the word. But that is just the circumstances of her past, she now has the chance to build her life anew.
Morgan is a war hero. Everyone looks up to him in the small town, and he deserves it. He is kind, considerate, affectionate, and loving. There's absolutely nothing not to love about Morgan. And the way he is with Olivia, Samantha's daughter, is just swoon worthy, wow!
But when Samantha and Morgan are together, he calms her, brings out the best in her, just like Olivia does as well. Together they are earnest, passionate, and adorable. Morgan smooths away all Samantha's insecurities caused by her past, and she can be herself again, the woman she grew up to be.
I loved the family connections, the togetherness and fellowship. The small town was welcoming and charming.
The story is engaging, alluring, and likable. I found myself cheering for the characters, and wishing for peace and happiness for their lives, very captivating.
~ Four spoons