A Big Month

After receiving my finalist announcement for the Award of Excellence Contest, I found out my webpage is also up for the Romancing the URL Award from the West Houston RWA chapter. :D How about that? I'd forgotten I entered. Which makes the announcement doubly fun to get. We're in the Viewer Choice rounds so if you get a chance, swing over there and vote for me! http://whrwa.com/romancing-the-url-contest/viewerschoice/ 

Summer is definitely in full swing. Kids are either outside in the hose or inside doing projects. Yes, we play video games around here and watch television on a daily basis, but I've been really proud of how each of my children has branched out. One has been making plush toys like a madman. Another is almost always on his bike or reading a book. The littles are a bit harder to entertain, but they're having fun, too.

As for me, I haven't written so much in a long time. In the last two weeks, I've written more than 12k words. I plan to do at least 50K by the end of July...hopefully closer to 60K so I have the start of another series to send to my editors or an agent. 

Reaching for our dreams, never giving up on the things we want to do. Make Every Minute Count. I haven't forgotten that... it's important. I ended my last year hearing about my mom's cancer diagnosis. Two acquaintances lost people who were close to them. Since then, I have heard more sadness and tragedy than I thought possible. It doesn't have to happen to me personally for it to resonate in my heart. 

Love matters. Life matters. Don't waste it. 

With Love,