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Today is the day for another Book Celebration! 

In May, I self-published a short story called The Perfect Confidence. Dominic and Heather came together with such ease, I like to think they were meant to be free. That's why anyone who signs up for my newsletter gets the novella.

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Easy-going con man, Dominic Foster is ready to get out of the game, buy his old family home, and settle down. He just needs the cash promised to him by an old buddy. Unfortunately, the woman holding his money is leading him on a chase.
The daughter of a con man, it’s the only life Heather Slate has ever known. Now with her father dead, she’s set on revenge against the man she holds responsible, gorgeous Dominic Foster—the object of her old, school-girl crush. After avoiding him for months, she is finally ready to exact her revenge. But after meeting him, she realizes things are not as they seem.
Both live in a world of lies where trust does not come easily. But it’s trust they need most when a winter storm has them stranded in Dominic’s small home town. Can the trust they find lead them to love and a new beginning for them both?