Don't Kill the Hero

Well, it's been a few days since news broke about the Duggar man who admits to abusing young girls. It's a horrible situation that probably pains many people. The families, the victims, even--if interviews be believed--the perpetrator. Pain, lots of pain. And it's sad. :( 

When I shift away from the obvious, though...I see a lesson. Twice this season, the greater television watching world has been betrayed. First, by the series finale of Grey's Anatomy. They actually KILLED the hero. But in 19 and Counting... they might as well have killed the hero. The family has betrayed its followers, covered up the atrocity that even prisonmates don't take lightly. This isn't the bottom line, by far, of the wrong done. 

The truth is, I have a friend who is livid. She can't see straight for how angry she is with the Duggar man for hurting these girls. And she's human, she's right to feel this anger for the humiliation these girls suffered all those years ago...and then had to cover up! It makes me wonder. What kind of discussion do you have with your daughters after agreeing to air your family on National Television? 

"Honey, remember that time when your brother touched you inappropriately? Never talk about it. Okay?" :P Ugh. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't... I dont' know. But I'm flabbergasted that this family agreed to take their family to television. Did they not learn anything from John and Kate plus 8? This is not a part of society you bring a family to! In a way, it's like politics. If you have anything worth hiding, forgetting, or healing, it will be discovered. It will be ripped open and it will bleed...and the worst part? These girls will have to go through it again, too.

This is too sad for everyone--the girls, women, men, families, Christians.

Don't kill the hero.

Don't make him a cheat.

He can't hurt people....

It's just not done.