The more on the List

The more I get done.

That's all there is to it. I had a friend mention this recently when we were talking about...oh hell, I don't remember what we were talking about! But it involved product and work. Oh, right. I think it was something along the lines of starting a publishing company. And I was like, No. No way. No thank you. No how!

And yes, I still feel that way. I want more time to write, not less...

Yet, there's a reason the industry moves as slow as it does... that's because we all have a gazillion things on our to-do list. For example, did you know that the senior editor/managing editor at Entangled's Ignite line is also an NY Times Best-selling Author? Why yes, she is! I asked her recently to join me in my FB event for military romance, and her response was... "I'd love to. I never get time to promo my military books."  :( I was so sad for a minute!

My admiration goes to those people who do everything...write, edit, read, manage, write.  And part of me can understand it. Because no matter what part of my life I consider, if I have a list...the longer the list is, the more I get done.

So, next year should be a good year: 

  • Librarian for CRW
  • Board Member for CWOC
  • POC for FRG [can you tell I've got military running in my veins?]
  • Hospitality volunteer for church
  • Writer for readers
  • Critiquer for Passionate Critters
  • PSA volunteer for school

...and those are merely the things I've volunteered for! I should be getting lots done when I include maid, cook, nurse, puzzler, lover, friend, and wife to the list! :D :D

I'm bound to fail a few times, but over all, with so much on my list, I'm sure I'll succeed too!

Happy Success to all my followers and readers and friends.

Let's not forget to take  a break. K? That's definitely what the wine is for...

With Love,