I'm scaring myself

I took on this thing, this endeavor, that is surely making me feel crazy. I call it, The Event. I decided it would be fine to email complete strangers--fellow authors--and ask them to either participate in The Event or donate a book for the soldiers and civilians that are overseas in the middle east....

Maybe you're thinking, what's wrong with that?

But, I swear, the more authors I contact, the more uncertain and wackier I feel. They probably think I'm nuts...what if they think I'm looking for a few coat tails. I swear, I'm not--looking, I mean. The nuts part is probably true. 

But then this morning, I received a few replies... and maybe they don't think I'm all that crazy after all. Phew! 

If you're a reader, if you love romance and wonderfully hot alpha male heroes... or kick-ass heroines, be on the lookout for all of them--in. one. place. This May. Where we'll all be gathered to honor our own personal heroes, our soldiers and those who love them. 

More info coming soon!