This morning, it was hair...

When I told my sister I went to a MOPS [mothers of preschoolers] meeting this morning, but that I wasn't sure if I'd go back, that I had a good time, but felt unsettled there... she said I had the "sign of the sixth child." Maybe she's right! Is it a syndrome? Do you think I could get drugs for it? :D :D hahaha. The meeting was wonderful, the speaker did an awesome job and I loved what she had to say. But overall, I think I just wanted to be home. I'd kicked the kids out at their schools for the day... and, there was a great desire to straighten the house [before the next invasion] and to sit quietly during that morning nap time.

I remember a time when my older kids were younger when all I wanted to do was get out of the house, find something to do. And that's the purpose of this great group, MOPS. Have I really moved beyond that "phase in life?" I'm young, I guess I'm surprised to have moved into this transition. But it's true, I guess. Next year my Darla [wasn't she just born yesterday?] will be 5 and in preschool during the day. And it will be just me and Jack. He'll know a different mom than my older kids knew. Because I just don't want to do that stuff anymore...

And speaking of hair...never, never, NEVER tell your fifteen year old daughter to "just cut her bangs." I swear, it was slamming doors, yelling, and all things like the world was going to end because her bangs "looked awful!" Which i highly doubt, but she had them clipped up before I could even get a glimpse. *sigh*

Yay. Now, I will sit back, enjoy the quiet of the afternoon nap time, and get some writing done for Brian and Lisa, who are about to experience a little bit of a black time.

Have a great end of the week!
With love,