Happy New Year!!

New Year.
Perhaps a better year...or maybe not better but different. 
I had one focus last year--grow baby, have baby...do little things on the side. Like publish the first of my Lawrence family books.

This year is definitely going to be different.
1. Focus on the writing--time to push myself to write more.
2. Determine to exercise--the summer before I got pregnant, I ran alot. Time to start that up again. twenty-five pounds this year will put me at 130. A sweet spot. A whole year. Looking forward to working, without worrying. I'm always anxious to get it done quickly, but this year I'm not going to think about that end number. Just running whenever I can...we'll talk again in December. I seriously am not going to pick apart my motivations, emotions, etc. I will lose some. I might gain some. I might lose again. That's life.
3. Strive to love--the kids, the man, the writing, the friends, the housework, the taxi-driving... It's okay to do stuff, but it's worthless without love.

That's it.

PS maybe i'll try to blog more this year. :D LOL