Christmas Food

Well, I did it... made the cookies I saw HERE. Curiously, I saw it first on a webpage called TheGunnySack, but in a matter of a day, that site is down. Perhaps too many visitors? Once a link goes viral, there's no telling what can happen! Anyhoo....

So, I made the Hot Chocolate Cookie Cup....and it's as cute as suggested on the Pillsbury webpage. A few things I had to adjust. Being in high altitude, I added a quarter cup of flour to the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough... the recipe calls for a tablespoon of dough in each mini muffin cup, but that was waaaay too much. You can see how the dough was over the edges, by a long shot, making the cookie as a whole stick to the pan.(also, I didn't actually measure my flour in the first try, which lead to some gummy, uncooked cookies b/c of the altitude problem)

Second try! Added the quarter cup of flour and used half a tablespoon of dough per muffin whole. A few of the cups were a little short, too short to use, but over all the outcome was a success. So I began the MOST. TEDIOUS. part of the entire process. The pretzels. Suggest, use LOTS of white chocolate and after melting the chocolate, wait a minute or so until it cools a bit...still soft, but not liquid. Oh, and be ready to use lots more pretzels than anticipated. Breaking pretzels is harder than it looks!! I only got one good handle per pretzel. In the end, I used the extra white chocolate to make a pretzel/white chocolate brittle. (YUM)

Then the ganache... my only suggestion here is that you could half the amounts they tell you to use. Because I ended up with double the number of cookies, I doubled the ganache...and now have about a cup and a half of chocolate ganache that I might have to eat... ;) By the way, ganache--so easy to make!

Last but not least, I don't know where Pillsbury got their teeny, tiny marshmellows, but I couldn't find anything like it so I used the little cake decorating pearls instead. Ended up being pretty perfect, if you ask me. :)