And then there was Jack

August 18 was three days after the birth of my son. Sooo, long time ago. :P

And now it's December 2, 2014 and I am sitting here contemplating all the things I need to do before the year ends. Finish revision on my story, A Perfect Confidence. Finish revisions on my story, Unnecessary Vows. Christmas shop. Clean house [again, not the fun kind]. Fix two very important appliances... the oven and the ice machine.

Thank God for this crazy year.

It's a long story--this past year--and maybe some day I'll tell it to you. But for now, that old saying about rejoicing always comes to mind. Because there's been good, and there's been bad.

2015 will be welcomed in tentatively....but with much hope.

...and also a ton more writing. Must keep it up.
I do hope you all have a wonderful Advent season followed by a joyous Christmas season.
With love,