Lost in Translation

Books to Movies...

It's a huge deal to cross that line. I mean, authors dream of having their stories published. And maybe going from published to the screen isn't a goal, it's still a boon. I mean...hello! Who wouldn't want that? 

Yet at the same time, there is some thing lost that makes me think... "no. I wouldn't want that for my stories."

You know I love a good Nora Roberts book, but somehow...the movies just don't accurately translate. I watched Northern Lights recently. I couldn't help but feel we were missing out ALOT on the characterization. The plot points were well done. And you can't beat Eddie Cibrian. I mean, really. I loved when he joined CSI: Miami. They could have kept him around, no problem. But the romance was rushed and there was a serious lack of time... as if everything in the story had lasted a week, when really, I do believe the story is supposed to span a good season or two. 

Anyhoo... that's my thought for the day. Books are better. :D