MMA vs. The Gold Rush

I sat down to watch television. First was a lovely half hour with Joseph Rosendo, Travelscope. He was visiting British Columbia. And OMG, just gorgeous. Of course, he featured all the hotspots, the coast, through the different regions and finally ending up at the old mining town of Barkersville. He went fly-fishing, canoing, and sightseeing. He saw bears and moose. And the scenery!! Gorgeous mountains.

I couldn't help but think about the place as an alternative to my own country. I mean, if I was ever going to enter the Witness Protection Program or just relocate, in general... I would be pleased to find myself up there! And, of course, my mind immediately went to the next story. Could I write something contemporary? Or maybe an historical? I could include the gold rush... bawdy men-infested towns--brothels vs. churches. The struggle to survive cold, northern winters and the gold rush fever itself.

So tempting!

When that was over, I found myself watching MMA--that fighting craze going on right now. Extreme fighting. I read a book--Against the Ropes [NOT a sweet read]--and I liked it. Reading it and then watching the fight on television today, I wondered how a person would be inspired by this.

But the fact that I liked the book well-enough just goes to show that we don't have to be stuck in a rut or like only one thing. :) Maybe if I watched these fights enough, I'd get inspired. <3

Have a great week, friends.
With Love,

--> see what I mean???