My Writing Process -- Blog Tour

Thanks to Ellen Butler, fellow Entangled author of Second Chance Christmas, for asking me to join this awesome Blog Tour where authors are it all works. You can check out her story writing process HERE.
Now... for me.
     What am I working on?
This month I'm working on the second story in a new series [surprising, even to me!]. The first book came out in November--Letters From Home. The new one is Maria's story. She fell in love with a wanderer and, when she goes to find him, discovers he's not exactly who she thought... :)

    How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is a hard question!! Romance's strength is in its clichés and tropes. Readers know what they are getting and crave the happily-ever-after!! But, that aside... I think my writing shows a deep sense of family that isn't always evident in category romance. Big, Catholic families. Small ones, too. But I like writing what I know, and I know family. I like to show the struggles inside the conscience...and no one knows the conscience [and guilt] better than an Irish Catholic! haha. Me!

No one knows making love better, either... so, I have lots going for me when it comes to romance. *blush* hahaha.

    Why do I write what I do?
I love romance! I love happy endings. I love taking characters from not-so-great to incredibly blessed. The truth is, we all struggle in life. There is nothing better than picking up a good book and reading about someone else who overcame the same kind of struggles... or maybe not-so-the-same. But still, when the heroine flees for her life and overcomes a serial killing maniac, satisfaction ensues. Especially when there's a handsome guy at her side along the way.

     How does your writing process work?
Getting an idea comes first. Usually it's the characters... maybe I'll read something online, in the news, or even in a book. And it will stick with me and develop in my brain. That being said, the majority of my ideas come from my own books. I have several series, and the reason behind that is because from those books come other books!! Like Lena's story...and then Maria's story...and eventually--as I write Maria's--I can feel a brother story coming along. I think Lucas is about to become the next strong character in this story.

And then I just write. I plot the story so I have some idea where I'm going. I create backstory and write it down so I know what's driving my characters. That's when the fun begins and the characters come alive...when I can suddenly see them in the "movie." :) Until I get to The End and smile.

Mornings are my happy time. I get up at 4am every morning and write for 2 hours, coffee included! The rest of the day is a little sporadic--I do have 5 kids, but I can usually get in a few more words before the day ends.

This was great fun. I hope you enjoyed it. If you came here from Ellen's blog, go back!! Find another thread on the chain and follow it through. :D I had no takers...and typically, I'm the end of the line on any chain that comes my way. It's SOP for me. ;)

Have a great week!
With Love,