Facebook -- Love it or Hate it?

Is Facebook betraying us all?? That's the question going around right now.

Remember months ago when you found an old friend, wanted to message them, but FB wanted you to pay a dollar to have it sent to that person's inbox rather than "other" box? And now it's Boost the post! Or buy advertising!

 Okay, well I'm in this very small range of not-really-that-important clients. I don't have a ton of Likes [452 to be exact]. I have the average of about 300 friends on my profile.... I'm on several times a day. I don't see as much as I used to. I don't see random posts from people who are friends. Some friends, I don't see at all anymore because they don't even show up in my newsfeed. It's a little sad. I heard a story recently where a FB user clicked "share" of a pages post/link and was asked to pay to share. Yeah. Crazy! I hear that if your page has thousands of likes, you are paying as much as $2K to boost a post so that ALMOST everyone on your list will see it. Notice I said almost...

I posted a link to my Newsletter, which is different from my posts here, and it has been seen by 8 of my 452 Likers. Will I boost it? I might. Because, it comes down to this. If we are business-oriented people and we want to build a platform, we don't efficiently use someone else's platform. We will eventually be bending our own goals in order to accomodate that person's platform.

So, goal for this year. Set up a webpage. I don't know exactly how much money I'll make on my books this year, but everything I make will go back into the business. And maybe I'll boost a post or two on FB, but mostly...

I want people/fans/not-fans/readers/writers to be able to find me outside of Facebook. That way, when the world ends er, I mean if Facebook goes the way of MySpace, it won't be such a travesty!

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Have a great weekend!
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