Merry Christmas to All...

The close of the year starts with such a celebration of Hope. Don't you think?


It goes both way... struggling or striving all year, working--ups and downs. Even to the last day there is so often the feeling of nothing-is-right, how can it all be soooo blech. And then we get this far and are able to say, Wow. We waited for this! This is the reason for all those ups, the reason why we can look forward to more than just the blech. We have the promise.

And it's with that hope that we plan for the future.

Does anyone else have plans yet? I've been thinking hard on the coming year...

1) I know it will include writing.

Well, I was going to make a list, but I can't. Maybe that's all I need to know.
Sometimes if we lock in on something too tightly, it's hard to move.

One day at a time, with an outlook.