Breaking News

Not really.
I merely had a few days when I wasn't blog hopping and I wanted to come over and wake my own sleeping blog with updates on life.

~Book released on November 25th. You can find links for buying it HERE.
~I am finishing Dark Summer, which is a story about "OLD" people. Just kiddding. They're not that old. But they are late thirties, early forties.

...i'm sorry for being 37 [but not really]. I have a lot of life in me yet, and I can still kick your ass, run from the bad guys, drive fast, drink AND make mistakes. So, yeah, all the makings of a good book, btw. :D And a little bit of torture, but not a ton of gore. It's different than my happy contemporaries. Might be a huge flop. But that's also life...

~I started a "secret baby" book, The Billionnaire's Home. The second book in my Home series...yes, I just made that up right now. Letters From Home. The Billionnaire's Home. Yes, a secret baby. And thought it's cliche and so cheesy, I'm really excited about this story, another novella. Maria, the sister in Letters From Home, has a great story!!! Leaving an excerpt here:

He shattered every wrong with a touch.His breath was hot on her neck, his hands soft at her sides, gripping her hips and pulling her against himself. His mouth worked her over, his lips pressing softly against hers, nibbling, tasting.And she gave. She gave without thought, without hesitation. The want of it raged through her like an unexpected cold front and flattened her resolve, her good sense.He brought his hands to her face, traced her brows, and ran a finger along her cheek to her jaw. A smile came to his face—the square jaw and full lips. The dimple on the right that appeared at the most unexpected moments. His laughter had been just as startling, just as thrilling.Seduced by a stranger.Her heart pounded.She wanted him.With shaking hands, she began to unfasten the long row of buttons down the front of his shirt. Her choice. No regrets.But he covered her hands. “We don’t have to do this.”“I want to.”He dug strong hands through her hair and massaged her scalp, making her smile. His eyes shone, the twinkle in them as familiar as the night sky. And then he pulled her close, tucking her into the crook of his arm as he kissed her—slow and easy. As if they had all the time in the world.
Something tells me they didn't really have all the time in the world...