Fiction Friday

I actually lost track of what I was supposed to be doing on Fridays... fiction? Fake? Fabulous? haha.

So, for today, it'll be fiction. A little snippet--yes, to take place of Saturday Snippets tomorrow--for your reading pleasure. From Dark Summer [being revised and rewritten] -- when the ache of betrayal puts more than a marriage at risk.

Stacy took a detour to the indoor hot tub and soaked for about twenty.

Lunch had merely been an excuse to leave, but now she was starving.

Reality had been the clincher this afternoon. She could see now. Too close. Too friendly. Too flirty. And when he’d laughed, she’d seen something in his eyes--too real.

She could be sure of her own feelings, her own thoughts. And though having the attention of a man had been lacking in her life for some time, this was definitely not what she wanted. It had taken a few shakes. Okay, maybe a knock upside the head.
But truth was truth, and she owed Miguel an apology. Unintentional or not, she’d led him on, made him think…ugh! She slammed the locker closed, leaned her forehead against the cool metal, and a tear slid down her cheek. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!