Sunday, Sunday Summations

Not quite done with the day and have a good bit of editing left to do on my lastest project, or newest project??? It's really hard to keep track of which project is most current, but this one is a romantic suspense that I haven't submitted anywhere yet. :) It's going to have more of an edge to it. It has a villain's POV, which is very different for me yet therapeutic at the same time!! haha.

Teaching a Religious Education class helps remind me to keep the murder to a minimum. All kidding aside, this has been a very different year for me as I volunteer left and right, willy-nilly for all things kid related. But I think it'll be a good year and I found myself charmed by the little third graders!! Charmed!

Been a long week! Looking forward to something a little less busy in the coming days. Have a great one with me!
With Love,