Saturday Snippets -- The Pitch

Thursday, I pitched to Carly Silver at Harlequin Publishing for their Special Edition Line. :D

This is what I threw at her....

Single mom, Samantha Hollister, returns to her hometown in search of a safe haven to bring up her daughter, only to find her beloved family home sold to her childhood sweetheart. Former soldier, Morgan Lawrence, plans to convert the house into a hunting lodge for wounded soldiers. He hasn’t let a missing leg stop him, so he’s not about to let a certain feisty ex-girlfriend stand in his way, either. Years ago, following their own dreams tore Sam and Morgan apart. Now they have a second chance. This time, can they bring their different dreams together and learn to love?

This was her response: ...after a lot of questions that made me spew nerve-induced, incoherent answers, which also made me think, "that makes no sense at all!"

She wants to see a proposal. Yippee. Not a resounding, "I love it!" But the chance to convince her it's an awesome story. I sent it. No grass growing under these feet, I swear. I have too much to do!!

Have a great weekend, friends.
With Love,