Sunday Summations

About half way through this week, I was thinking about how the summer months are no different for me than they are for the kids. All the time, I am telling my children, make your own happiness, find something to do, discover what you want...and just do it. The point being, Mom is not responsible for your happiness.

We're a month into summer now. And I find the days I am most annoyed, most irritable, are the days, I have done nothing toward my own goals. Run in the morning, write for an hour or two before the kids get up...etc. It's not the kids' fault I didn't get MY stuff done. But it's so easy to yell cuz they are bugging me or not giving me space. "Just go find something to do," I growl. :D

Aside from working out a few kinks, summer is grand! Love the weather, even if it's a bit dry.

Writing IS happening. I finished Winter Craze and will put it away for a couple months. Better to ignore it for a while. Give it a chance to stew. I also finished revisions on Unwanted Vows and have some people reading it. I had a submission out for One Heartbeat, which was returned with a revise and resubmit letter. So, I am going to read through that and do those revisions. I'm expecting to get revision requests for my Entangled submission in the next couple of weeks, and will also work on those through July and into August.

I have plans to write a short story during this time of great revisions.
Sometimes my life is a boring story. That's never more apparent then when I try to blog about it. :D
With Love,