Walked into my office this morning, caught a glimpse of the family bible [ie Matt's bible, given to him by his parents in 1994] and thought, maybe i'll open it real quick. It's true, I pray. Probably not enough. For sure, I'm not Mother Theresa of Calcutta. I'm not even like the repentant man on death row. You know the saying about living like we're dying. Maybe it should be, Live like you're about to die on death row. haha.

Therefore I prayed, and prudence was given me;
I pleaded, and the spirit of Wisdom came to me. Wisdom 7:7-8

The following lines in the chapter are beautifully written poetry about Wisdom. It's very romantic, showing Solomon's Love for Wisdom and all the good things he has because of her. So there. A little off the beaten path, Poetry...

Because all gold, in view of her, is a little sand, 
and before her, silver is to be accounted mire.
Beyond health and comeliness I loved her,
And I chose to have her rather than the light, 
because the splendor of her never yields to sleep. Wisdom 7:9-10

*sigh* Poetry. I've never been a poet, never liked the poetry sessions in school. I don't often get it. I've got to be honest with you... Poetry usually goes way over my head. And that includes the deluded poetical lyrics of the 60s and 70s and 80s. But this is easy to understand. This, I can get. Maybe it's love in its simplicity. As a romance author, I get that. At the end of the story, love is the key. 

Love defines us, molds us...

and makes us absolutely crazy. And that good friends is where all the stories reside!! :D have a great weekend.

With Love,
Bethanne Strasser