Hot Ice

I don't talk about reading very often, although it's something I do only second to writing, which of course is second to taking care of the family. So, technically, it's in third place right now. :D Convoluted, I know.

But I picked up a reread. I'm doing a lot of editing and revising this month, so it's fun to grab something quick and easy. And I found Hot Ice by Nora Roberts at the Post Library. They always have a pile of giveaway books. All sorts--fiction and nonfiction.

After reading the first chapter, I was so hooked. Hooked on the style [not surprising]. But mostly, I'd forgotten the wonderfully classic story line...of the rich and famous. It reminds me of those old movies from the 30s and 40s. Everyone sailed the world. Wore furs and watches. Smoked cigarettes and drank bourbon.

I think I would like to set aside the "real" person for a change. My stories seem to reflect down-to-earth, middle class, etc. I think I will write a short story with rich people. Just over-the-top, not a financial care in the world. Other cares, sure. They won't be flat and shallow, but...treasure hunt in Madagascar [like Nora's characters]? Sure! Why not.

Throw aside the limits that have been set. Let the imagination soar.
That'll be fun. :)

Have a great Friday and a limitless Weekend.
With Love,