Sunny Thursday

Thank Goodness for the Sun!!
Just what I needed today. Now, if I could only get rid of this sinus thing going on.
My girlfriend had it for the past three weeks. I think this is what I get for not leaving her alone during her illness. LOL :D

Working on a new story right now.
Winter Craze, a romantic suspense. Haven't done one of those in a while. I've been RS shy after the rejections I've gotten with them. But, the story pulls at me, so here I am. Doing one that has some touchy subjects in it. Mental instability, family relations, professional accolades, jealousies, and retribution. Oh, and of course, LOVE. :D

Head of the new personal safety department for Gerard Securities, Tancredo Byrnes is very serious about teaching his clients how to stay safe.  With a file two inches thick confirming his new client as a world champion athlete, he's prepared to take on his newest assignment as the vacation he hasn't had in over five years. A little instruction, a couple hockey games on the side, and he'll be on his way to the next spoiled rich kid.

Elizabeth takes one look at Tancredo, and it doesn't matter that she can perform a triple lutz-toe loop blindfolded, clumsy becomes her middle name. Though trusting people outside her family has never been her strong suit, she find herself drawn to the easy-going man who is supposed to make her into a superwoman. But she's been burned by those fickle feelings of attraction before and isn't about to let them ruin her life again.

As their training intensifies, the threats to Elizabeth darken, and Tan realizes that what should have been a cake walk is a fight against death, one that strikes much closer to home than either of them expected.

How about a sample?! :D

His gaze hit the ceiling with a harsh blown breath, and Liz almost laughed. Had it ever been so hard for him to speak? Or was this new?

"The truth is, you do things to me. And I get distracted."

Liz did laugh then. "I do things to you."

Just like a man to make something her fault. "And you get distracted...because of me, so you can't do your job. And you want me to...?" She waited with bated breath, a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth.

Tan frowned again. "This is serious. I can't have you wreaking havoc on my brain in your tight jeans and your..." he waved his hand at her, " the shoulder shirts and your flashy heels. And you smell good, too."

Liz's mouth fell open at that remark. She didn't even use perfume.

"And you're talking. You'are always talking and you have that mellow, easy-going tone. Doesn't help that I actually like what you're saying half the time. I mean, how am I supposed to work?"

Liz put the last of her supplies away.

He was unbelievably crazy. But she kind of liked it. "You've never, in all your time with Gerard Security, been attracted to a client, had an affair with someone you were protecting?"

"No!" His entire demeanor drew tight with his refusal. "What the hell kind of--"

"So, I'm the first."

"I'm not attracted to you." But he didn't sound so sure of himself.

She lifted a brow. "Ooohkay. Well, I"m going to go upstairs and become less of a distraction now." Whatever that meant. She was wearing baggie old sweats, beat up tennis shoes, and her unwashed hair was pulled back into a messy bun at the top of her neck. Hardly a distraction right now. Which was probably why he'd been able to control himself. Yeah. Right. She rolled her eyes.