Hooked on a Feeling

I was thinking about this lately...because I've been pondering the visual. Book covers in particular, but also things like music videos and movies, television, etc. This might seem backwards, but one of the best things about a book is its cover--in my opinion. okay, fine...second only to the story. haha.

Being a visual person, I like images. Music is good, videos are better. Videos show a story we don't often get from the song. Like this one...

The thing is, even those somewhat cheesy romance covers evoke a feeling. I can see them and think, "Yes! That's the feeling I want"--whether it's love or thrills or fear. I want the visual. I like having a glimpse of the characters.

How about you? You falling over for a great cover? Or is what's on the inside what's really important?

Happy Monday!
Enjoy your week with fabulous visuals.
With Love,