A thursday night...

I'm in bed with my laptop and my 2 year old.
There is nothing so peaceful, so life affirming as these quiet moments.
It's so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of the day's activities, the busyness of life, the conflicts, the problems, the ups and downs. Today, I picked up my two middle boys from school and I saw a young boy walking with his little cup that was filled to the brim with growing grass. He held his mom's hand with a smile on his face. I had to smile. I just had to. The thing is, I really like kids.

I know. Surprise! haha. :D But it is easy to forget sometimes. I wanted to be that kid today. Just happy, at peace with the world. Holding the hand of the person he loved. What a joy! We should all be so filled with love.

I love kids. They say the darnedest things. They make me laugh. They make me smile. I am blessed, lucky, to have five kids to call my own. Five kids who have made me laugh and smile. They are teaching me new stuff every day!