The Mondays

Monday gets such a bad rap, ya know?
But I woke up this morning and we all got ready to head drop offs and such.
My son says, this year is going so fast!

And he's right. Man, where are the months going?

All that aside... I think i need a little fun on this blog. I'm bored off my gourd! So, I'm going to tell you about the creepiest movie. Ever. Identity, with John Cusack. Watched it this weekend with Matt. Scary stuff. And twisted, too. Nothing like all these visuals to portray a very sad, debilitating disease. Multiple personality disorder. Have you seen the movie? Do you know what I'm talking about?

And this didn't even have a Happily Ever After. LOL My word. It was a good bit heart-pounding. I guess we need that every once in a while, though... maybe? Get the blood pumping a little. Can't hurt, I guess. Keeps things in perspective, too.

We live in what often seems a messed up world. The news is filled with sadness and horror. Just this morning, Matt heard of a kid who died from injuries sustained during a bully attack at school. What?! Seriously? Kids are killing mistake? by accident? by pure meanness? is this what our world is coming to? And we're worried about guns? I don't know... this is proof that guns AREN'T the problem, if you ask me.

But to avoid getting too political.
Maybe it's the creepy, scary, violent movies we should be concerned about. It's the lack of respect for life.

 :( ...well, dang. It's hard to enjoy the thrill of a movie like that after hearing the news this morning about that poor child...and the mother and baby who were hit by a drunk driver...and any number of other awful things on the news these days.

OMG! I need to quit blogging! This was supposed to be a FUN episode. No wonder I'm having trouble writing this week...trouble grasping the conflict in the story. Who wants it?! Sorry 'bout the downers, everyone. I need a quick visit with my good friend Debora Dennis and her 52 Ways to Joy. That's a much better idea...