Our household is going through some growing pains, and this week people are feeling the change more than they did last week...

We're finally running out of the crap food. All the good, sugar coated cereal is gone... the cookies are gone and the crackers are gone. Does this mean we'll never have cookies again? Not really. It just means I'll be making whatever cookies we do eat. Because I got tired of all the crap!

We have maybe a week until we've rid ourselves completely of all the extra stuff...for example, this morning Darla was asking for marshmellows. Do I have a problem saying no to her? No, I don't...but life sure is easier when I don't have to say "no." If it's not there, I can't cave.

Besides, I'm tired of not having more of the good stuff and less of the crap.

We needed more fruit, more vegetables, more variety! That's really what made me rethink things. Every two weeks, grocery shopping. Every two weeks, the same old stuff. The same variety!! Even my dinners were getting horribly boring, predictable and redundant!

For me, it was getting pointless to even consider that diet and losing those unwanted pounds. convenience had taken over better judgment. Need a snack? Grab a handful of crackers or cookies or, worse yet, sweet cereals [of which I never used to buy at all, but somewhere along the line, I started buying regularly].

So, new plan:
No sweet cereals! This week I bought corn flakes, raisin bran, plain-old cheerios [no honeynut!]...although, i'm on the fence about cereal, even the unsweetened kind. The second ingredient in those plain cheerios is sugar, but I guess that's better than high fructose corn syrup. :P

I thought my son was going to have a cow this morning. He doesn't remember the old days when this was all I ever bought.

More fruit, veggies, beans, cheese, yogurts...more of the good stuff. Ants on a log, anyone???