Sunday Summation

I haven't talked much about my writing lately...

Yesterday, I submitted two more manuscripts, my angel story and a Christmas story for 2013. I received a lovely email from the editor telling me he was glad to hear from me...and would get to my submissions ASAP. Possibly next month. ha! Gotta love this business.

So my weekend has been quiet. No writing. Just reading. And watching television. And being with my family.

February will bring about some new writing on a story for my Gerard Series, Winter Craze. And I finally get to open my National Novel Writing Month manuscript to do a few edits, read-throughs, and polishes on it. I'm totally psyched about that one. It's a good story. It's well-plotted. I need to add a layer of suspense and depth, but the structure of it is solid.

That's enough of boring from me for the week....
Take care!
With Love,