Nothing to talk about

The real truth is that I have nothing to talk about.
With two kids back in school this week, and two more doing "project week," a week in which they work at home putting together a research project, I have most of my kids home at this point. Even though the two older ones are definitely deep into studies--they have to do 30 hours--I feel as if Christmas break is never going to be over.

I'm on the cusp of the New Year...still. It's a weird feeling. I've hesitated starting anything new. I'm waiting...which is THE DEMISE of forward movement. LOL :D Ack.

How about you?
Did you week and new year start with a bang? Or are you hanging back as well?

For all my inspiration, I wait on The Manager's Diary. I original of me. :D
Check it out, though. The Manager's Diary. And LIKE it. You might find a few reasons to keep working.