Tuesday? Really?

Where are the days going? :P :D I'm now deep in revisions for One Heartbeat in the Darkness. When I stop working, I wonder if I should self-publish this or send it to a publisher. The ever present debate. I'm all geared up to self-publish, though... got my budget set up, an editor waiting in the wings, and a cover artist to die for!! So, i should really get back to work. :D Needed to pop in and say hi. Hi! Christmas is almost here, and despite a few rocky moments at the get-go, my spirit is at peace. Phew! Advent is this great time of year and should be enjoyed for what it is...expectation and waiting and anticipation. Some stress is good for you. And this is one of those contemplations--a good stress. Hope you're all doing well, getting your Christmas shopping done, and enjoying the wait. Love you, Bethanne