Sunday Summation

I'm feeling festive on my blog again. If you get a chance, come on by and enjoy the new look. It's winter and Christmas! I also changed up my sidebars. I like a wider post, so that I'm not moving my eyes back and forth so much, so I got rid of the right sidebar. I minimized the Blog Archive to a drop down menu in order to clean things up and shoved all the review and publisher buttons to the bottom of the page. On the top, in the side bar, I've got what I'm working case you're interested. And below that, my pages. Feel free to pop around, read my bio, etc. I will eventually add a blurb for everything I'm working on... Further down I've posted the cover image and a link for 'What I'm reading now'.

I'll have you know that I spent 4.5 hours on Saturday AT THE STORES. Goodwill, ARC Thrift, Walmart...I also had Game Stop on my list. I had my two older children with me so I made sure we got into some of the Christmas lists for the younger boys. I was not going to waste this time! I still didn't get what I went out for, which was concert dress uniforms for those two. :(  Will have to go back out today. YUCK. BUT, it does feel good to have a few things finished.

In writing, I'm doing revisions on my Angel book...which will be coming out in January. :D Yippee!
Keep an eye out for more news about that after the New Year.

Enjoy this new week.
Keep the faith.
With Love,