Dangerous December

With a title like that, you might think I hate Christmas or abhor Santa... I have my issues with what Christmas has become in the last fifty years, but no, this post is not about the holidays!!!

Today, I prepare myself to let go of the laptop for at least two weeks. This comes at an awful time. I'm editing a novella for a January release. I'm waiting to hear from a publisher in regards to two submissions. I have work to do! 

And now I must brace myself. Work at my desktop is terrifying. It's slow. It's unpredictable. It has no internet backup ability. It's a good ten years old and the usual methods--dropbox and google drive--will not download to the computer. IE will not update and has become obsolete. I have to use Mozilla or Chrome. Chrome does not like the archaic functions of my desktop and often refuses to do the normal tasks.

With the help of my PCer, Silke, I am tasking the computer to back up--automatically--to a flashdrive. I don't know how this is going to work. I hope it works. It should work. My fingers are crossed. 

Never again will I work without back up. So this is my plan. Set up task on computer, and every night, email work completed for that day to myself. It's either that, or wait.

Wish me luck...