So much has happened in a month.

I wrote a complete that is exciting. I look forward to the New Year when I pull that out and start a few revisions--get it right, so to speak. Though I edit as I go along [there's no help for it, really], I still have a few things to look at.

I began revisions on a manuscript I will be publishing in January. ...yes, you can find editors who aren't scheduling edits four or five months in advance. Don't forget, it never hurts to ask[unless it does and then maybe you just need a new editor...]. I had an editor once who told me she was going to edit a ms mid SEPTEMBER. She was done in the first half of May. So yeah, sometimes they can squeeze you in. You just never know.

Christmas is on the way...

I need to get to shopping. Booo. I really dislike this time of year and look forward to January.
I'm a mild-mannered Scrooge. I love bringing Christ to Christmas, everything else can take a flying leap.

Enjoy the weekend, friends.
With Love,