Election Day

I've been pretty quiet about elections this year. I think I posted once that I appreciated a SECRET BALLOT, that was my one token comment about how much advertising and talk was going on....

Then this morning I saw one more photo and comment about how Women's Rights were at stake in this election. So, I'm finally stepping out a little to state my frustration and confusion over this issue.

In my humble yet valid and American opinion, there is only one issue this year. MONEY.

This election is about economics and MONEY. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

Will I vote pro-life, yes. Would I vote pro-life if Obama was Pro-life? No. No, I would not. Maybe that makes me a bad Catholic. I don't know...

I keep seeing debates and agruments over the issue of Abortion. Why?
Let me put this to you straight...

Women have had the right to Abortion since 1973. That isn't going to change in the next four years, even if Romney gets voted in. Sorry, just not going to happen. So...where are women losing rights?

Birth control? Not going anywhere. Still be available to the entire country, even if Romney becomes president.

MONEY! Our country is swirling the drain. It can not afford to pay for people's rights. I don't understand how this isn't obvious, how this isn't what's front and center in people's minds. We have rights, intrinsic and granted. Our government shouldn't pay for them and neither should my tax dollars.

This is the issue.

NOT Women's Rights.
There. Phew. I had my say...which my husband may come around and ask me to remove because he really hates the internet and think it's nobody's business.