Day Five of Nano

Still writing.
Actually got out of the house yesterday and stopped in at a bookstore that was having a Write In. Boy, was it quiet there!

There's only one thing I'm worried about... at the writing forum I belong to online, they have Daily Challenges. Nothing extensive, just a quick 5 min or less task. For example, describe your antagonist in 1 or 2 sentences.

So far, those daily tasks have made me question one thing...

How good is this story! LOL :D Ack!

When they asked me to describe the antagonist, I sat for a minute and thought, "Do I even have an antagonist?" When they asked about the protagonists goal, and I wrote, "Sam returns home to raise her daughter in the peace and quiet of her small town home."

...and then I yawned! hahaha.

We shall see. there is plenty of tension for this young lady...and of course there is Morgan. Who looks a little like Jude Law, only bigger, a little beefier, and probably a little hairier, because I think guys should have body hair! At least a little, for crying out loud!