Sunday Summations

Look at me!! Actually getting to my regularly scheduled programming. :D I'm just going to chat today about a number of things.

In my writing world, things have picked up again. Phew! Seriously dudes! I'm such an impatient sick person. Today, though I'm over 11,000 words on the story I started 10-1-12. That's no record, believe me. And I wanted it to be LOTS more, but I'm satisfied for now. This has been a fun story for me. It's got a Mythical [smartass] Granddaughter of Mother Nature paired up with a Guardian Angel. I don't often write outside of reality...well, I take that back--dead bodies and stuff aren't really part of my reality either. :D But you know what I mean. :) I'm really enjoying's a story where almost anything goes. If I want it there--and it makes "Celestial" sense--there it goes. I've created a world. I'm still creating a world.

I've been reading a little more this month. Back to the basics romance. I read a story this week, written by a good friend of mine, Nina Croft. It's not a story that's out yet just one that she wanted feedback on. It was so good. And it just hit me, I really miss the romance... the sexual tension of those good ol' fashioned romances, even the sex. I love that about romances. I started reading romances when I was 22. Late in life compared to some, but if I take a step back I can see that really, I've been reading romance all my life. Fiction has always been my mainstay...and most fiction, including YA and juvenile, have elements of romance. Not always romance in a man/woman way but also in the HEA, overcoming conflict kind of way.

National Novel Writing Month is in November. I'm gearing up...plotting, thinking, getting ready. I'm going to pick a day of the week to blog on how that's going. There really should be a day that starts with N. Don't you think?? Wednesday though. That could work. Feel free to pop in and tell me how you're doing as well! I want to hear and be inspired by your progress. Also, if you want, I'll be spending a good bit of time--while writing--on the forum SavvyAuthors. They've got a Nano Boot Camp, not affiliated with the official NANOWRIMO webpage. Good spot though. Looking forward to the accountability and motivation.

Enough about writing...actually, if you've made it this far, I commend you. I don't read blogs that are more than 3 long paragraphs in length. So, I'll stop.  Enjoy this Sunday!
With Love,